University of Applied Science

With over 3,000 students, the University of Applied Management (UAM) is Bavaria’s largest private university. It’s headquarters are in Munich / Ismaning, with study centres in the capital Berlin, Dortmund / Unna, Neumarkt, Treuchtlingen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Mannheim and Vienna (Austria).

Going from a start-up to being Bavaria’s largest private university within just four years, the University of Applied Management can only be described as a success story. Founded in 2004 with just 100 students, UAM was officially recognized and accredited by the FIBAA in 2007, and a year later enrolments outnumbered all other private universities in Bavaria. In 2012, institutional accreditation was followed by the next academic milestone – achieving FIBAA’s full system accreditation in 2017 – which finally positioned UAM at the top of private universities. Today, over 3,000 students are provided with the tools and specialised attention they need by our team of more than 60 professors and 180 lecturers, for the optimal preparation for their professional careers.

The University offers a portfolio of management-related degree programs to choose from. In addition to conventional degree programs such as Business Administration, Sports Management or Business Psychology, you also have the opportunity to take one of our innovative sector-specific programs. These highly specialized and exclusive Bachelor and Master programs follow current market developments and trends, helping you to develop into an industry expert on the job market. The entire range of courses is characterized by state-of-the-art knowledge delivery and an emphasis on practical application, to allow for a seamless transition from learning to doing and to support the holistic development of competence within students.

Mission Statement of the University of Applied Management

A Centre of Real-World Competence

We create and deliver knowledge with practical application at an academic level. Our students learn and develop entrepreneurial thinking and gain practical experience in our creative and innovative learning environment.

We combine professional activities with a scientific approach to education, preparing our graduates to enter professional and managerial fields.

We ensure that our graduates are able to quickly and gainfully apply the skills they learn at university to their work environments, both for themselves and for their future employers. With our training, students reach their goals more efficiently, easily and productively. We support the development of individual students through the design of study exercises and by providing targeted assistance when needed. In this way, we support not only technical and methodological skills, but also the development of personal and social skills.

Combining Business and Science

We cooperate with companies and institutions to enable the ongoing transfer of knowledge. Companies and institutions benefit from our expertise, our innovative strength, and our applied research.

We support regional development through targeted research and knowledge sharing. In addition, the region benefits from the continuous synergy between business and academic groups. For this purpose, we are constantly seeking the involvement of international partners.

Demonstrating Competence in Teaching and Research

We focus on carefully selected business-related degree programs and strive to provide the best education in these areas. We carry out research in specific fields to find and develop application-oriented and concrete solutions. We aim to ensure that each faculty and each department becomes the leader in Germany in at least one scientific branch. Our applied research approach is also a cornerstone of our instruction.

The expansion of our contacts with partner universities and companies all over the world is an important aspect of our internationalization strategy. To this end, we are actively and deliberately looking for international cooperation in the fields of teaching, research, and training in selected areas. We are particularly interested in supporting the international exchange of students and teachers.

UAM’s Goal: Successful Graduates

At the University of Applied Management, academic engagement always means finding concrete solutions based on the current state of scientific knowledge and research. This also means that fundamental knowledge, conceptual models, working models, and methodology are always taught with a view to their practical business applications. Our instructors combine the latest scientific findings with the practical relevance of this research. The collaboration between experts from industry and academia create a balance between theory and practice.

Our working students bring with them a high level of practical and professional skills, from which the university and professional communities benefit. Our participants connect their real world experiences to the course content and thus contribute their practical insights and scientific background in discussions with other students and faculty.

Our case-study models and problem-oriented approach encourages students to analyse current topics from their profession. Developments and solutions identified during the course of studies can then be quickly implemented in practice. In this way, each learning unit reinforces students’ professional experiences outside the university.

Sophisticated Teaching Methodology

At the UAM, we take advantage of a wide range of instructional methods. The most recent studies on teaching and learning in higher education continuously inform our methodological concept of a semi-virtual course of studies. Our teaching method is designed to make learning fun. It promotes teamwork, the integration of modern media and technologies, and especially encourages collaboration between our motivated students and experienced teachers. Students are supported through qualified, personal and individual advise. Our academic coaching begins before admission and extends beyond successful degree completion.

Partnership is Our Motto

Our team is the key to our success. Their performance and motivation is enhanced by autonomy and individual responsibility, as well as through the university’s stimulating work environment and colleagues.

Our highly motivated students and graduates have made outstanding achievements in their respective fields, and this is what inspires us to keep evolving and driving towards excellence.

In this context, the UAM sees itself as a “university that learns.” Each of us strives constantly to continue learning. We support the professional development of all employees. Openness, trust, and dedication characterize both the cooperation between our staff and students as well as the university’s relationship to the community and society. Our communication with each other and with others outside the university is characterized by transparency, openness, participation, and cooperation. All members of our university are bound to these values.

State Recognition & Accreditation – University of Applied Management

State Recognition

The University of Applied Management (University of Applied Sciences) is officially recognised by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts (Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst). Academic degrees acquired at the University may be used internationally without restrictions. The Master’s degrees, in principle, open access to a university Doctoral programme.

Excerpt from the Certificate of Recognition:

According to the decision (XI/6-3/112-11/12801) by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts from April 27, 2004, the University of Applied Management – University of Applied Sciences (then known as “Fachhochschule für angewandtes Management”/“College of Applied Management”) will be recognized as a non-governmental university from October 1, 2004.

The headquarters of the university is Erding. The university was renamed “Hochschule für angewandtes Management – Fachhochschule” (“University of Applied Management – University of Applied Sciences”) in 2013.

In a letter from May 25, 2004, Minister of State Dr. Thomas Goppel said: “Your commitment to build a private university which is particularly dedicated to the academic qualification of professionals deserves great recognition. Within a very short time, you launched a state-of-the-art study-concept in Bavaria.”

Institutional Accreditation

The University of Applied Management – University of Applied Sciences has successfully completed the process for institutional accreditation by the Science Council. With the institutional accreditation by the Independent Science Council, the university has undergone an external quality audit in all academic areas and demonstrated its readiness to be an accredited university according to the nationwide standard for German universities.

Programme Accreditation

All courses at the University of Applied Management – University of Applied Sciences are accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA).

In addition, our internal university quality management system ensures the high standard of education. In addition to regular evaluations by our own students, we use distinguished external experts from Germany and abroad in order to further improve our courses and develop our international standards. We use our diverse partnerships with businesses and organizations to constantly align our curriculum to the needs of the labour market and to take into account the latest developments.